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What We Do

Professional services

As  structural engineering  consultants, Bob D. Campbell and Company provides a professional service that spans from the conceptual stages through construction phase inspections.  The staff’s diversity of experience is applied to all areas of concern relating to structural design and in service behavior, including environmental cause and effects. Our knowledge of various construction materials provides an understanding of the performance and behavior of structures over their lifespan and formulates a basis of design for improved durability.

Each project is managed by a company owner/principal

Bob D. Campbell & Co. utilizes decades of experience in combination with advanced design software to ensure the development and production of high quality design services.

what we do

Professional services

Structural Design

Licensed and active in 47 states, Bob D. Campbell & Company provides unparalleled structural design and project administration for structures of all types. Our work portfolio includes civic, educational, health care, housing, logistics, office, manufacturing, and more. Each project is managed by a Principal and valued by our team. Our goal is to become your “go-to” team member.


Our team is experienced in the review of project documents, project correspondence, and the performance of field investigations to determine the likely, or unlikely, causes of building failures. This experience, and our knowledge of material behavior, qualifies us as an expert witness who can offer testimony in a court of law.

Feasibility Studies

We can assist architects, developers, end-users, and prospective buyers determine if an existing structure is suitable for their project. Whether your project is big or small, we are here to help if you find yourself asking a question like: This building is only three-story, can I add two stories? Can this floor support a new MRI? I’d like to core a hole in this floor, is that okay? This structure was designed for office use. What structural modifications would be required for hospital use?

Condition Surveys

Our engineers are proficient in field work and analysis which is required to develop a structural condition report. Our thorough evaluations are valuable if you are considering a property purchase, have a structural concern with a building you own, or in response to an evaluation required the city.

Peer Reviews

Bob D. Campbell & Company has provided peer review services for owners, contractors, and design teams in response to requests for design assist and as required for ICC-500 Storm Shelters. We offer an unbiased assessment of structural design to identify potential design errors, constructability issues and inefficiencies.

Seismic Reviews

Older structures often require structural review of stability under seismic loads. As knowledge of materials and building behavior has progressed, the building code has adopted new requirements for seismic stability. We are experienced in evaluating existing buildings in accordance with ASCE/SEI 31 Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings and ASCE/SEI 41 Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings.

Special Inspections

Special Inspections

Construction Engineering

Building stability during construction is as important as it is upon occupancy. Wall bracing, erection sequence and construction loading require evaluation to make the construction site safe. From big projects, such as The Cocoon housing the Cadet Chapel, to evaluation of lifts on a slab, we can help your project go from under construction to occupied.

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